“Hitman” is the opening of the album “The Live Fire” and sets the stage for something new in the Hip-Hop market with the tracks dark undertones and lyrical content making for an epic album opening and let’s the listeners know that they are in for a ride mixing old school and new school styles of the hip-hop genre. The track “Hitman” sets the tone and concept for the album “The Live Fire” as a whole with it’s heavy beat, samples and hip-hop vocals which flow through the beat throughout the track with minimal breaks to the flow of the track. The opening track “Hitman” hits hard and let’s the listener know that they are about to be taken on a journey into the psyche of the artist “The Live Fire” with the opening track “Hitman” being full of dark and meaningful lyrical content which really hits home within the hip-hop community and lays out the tracks for the rest of the album. “Hitman” hits hard and is straight to the point dropping the listener in right at the deep end so if your uncomfortable with that listeners should probably back out now.



The 2nd track of the album “The Live Fire”, “Television” comes in with it’s driving synth melodies and deep sub bass into a riding percussive beat shortly followed by epic sounding strings and bells making for a think texture and epic sounding track which is perfectly accompanies by artist “The Live Fire”s clever and deep lyrical content making for a very conceptual sounding track that grabs the listener in closer and does not let go making “Television” the perfect second track on the album with it’s increasingly important social commentary and epic sounding instrumental track. The track “Television” continues on with the dark sound and lyrical themes really setting the stage for the album “The Live Fire” providing a different take on the hip-hop genre of music by expressing darkness and experimenting with darker sounds and lyrical themes. This makes for a refreshing take on the hip-hop genre in recent years and makes for a unique and invigorating hiphop listening experience that continues on throughout the album and reminds dedicated listeners of the genre that there are still yet more avenues and subjects to explore within the hip-hop music genre and community that have not yet been explored.



The third track on the album is “Buildin up” and it opens up with a slightly brighter more optimistic beat that is reminiscent of old school hip-hop beats and sounds. This optimism continues on with the artist “The Live Fire”s lyrics with lines such as “Building up from the bottom”. This lyrical content paired with the brighter sounding instrumental and beat suggests a change to the teams of the album and hits hard and fresh to the listener refreshing their pallet for more things to come. The lyrical content of “Buildin up” create energy and hype along with it’s hard hitting beat and vocals standing out from the previous tracks on the album showing that artist “The Live Fire” can create polarizing tracks that show completely two sides of the coin but with the same energy and hard hitting sound that people have grown accustom to from artist “The Live Fire”. As the listener goes deeper into the album the listener finds themselves completely gripped by the concepts, themes, tensions and beats in invigorating tracks such as “Buildin up” making the listener want to see where the journey takes them next and where artist “The Live Fire” will take the listener.



“Da Beat” continues on from where the last track leaves off with it’s hard hitting, heavy beat track and puts the listener in a positive head space with it’s invigorating and energetic backing track and high energy lyrical content that drops the listener directly into the action and the party. The track “Da Beat” brings the listener back to life with it’s carrying synth leads and rhythms accompanied perfectly with artist “The Live Fire”’s hard hitting and enthusiastic vocal line which stirs the soul of listeners of the track “Da Beat” and leaves the listeners pumped up and invigorated, inspired by what “Da Beat” has to offer them both musically and lyrically. “Da Beat” carries on the albums hard hitting and energetic, positive hip-hop tracks as the listener is driven directly further into the middle of the album and the life of the party making sure that the listeners are strapped in and ready for what the rest of the album has to offer them and what they are about to experience putting the listener in full-throttle on the while knuckle ride for the ages, something which the hip-hop community has been lacking in recent years.



“The R.A.P.S” is the fifth track on the album and opens up with a cool more laid back hip-hop sound letting the listener breath and take a step back after the previous two hard hitting tracks letting the listener take a step back and really listen closely to the clever lyrics that artist “The Live Fire” has to offer as the lyrics really shine through on this track without being crowded by the backing track. The backing track and instrumental on “The R.A.P.S” really allow the artist “The Live Fire”s clear vocals and lyrical content to shine through the backing providing the listener with a different listening experience and is a homage to old-school hip-hop music by icons of the genre. The track “The R.A.P.S” lets the listener take a step back to appreciate the lyrics of the track without being overwhelmed by the musical content, something which is very reminiscent of old-school hip-hop and continues to set the set the tones and themes of the album with the tracks positive outlook.



The sixth track on the album “Scream” continues on this trend with it’s laid back approach to the instrumental and backing track letting the listener take in and appreciate it cleverly written lyrics from the artist “The Live Fire”. The listener is taken on a conceptual story by the artist over the top of a laid back tracking with ambient synth sounds and beautiful piano samples and melodies that accompany the more somber somber sounding lyrics on the album perfectly making for a relaxing and introverted listening experience and acts as a break within the album “The Live Fire” showing even more aspects of the artist psyche and more colours of the hip-hop spectrum that are being showcased and explored within the track “Scream”. “Scream” is a track that acts as part of the conceptual narrative of the album “The Live Fire” and carries the album perfectly along the narrative that the artist wants you to explore with them with the help of music and hip-hop. The track “Scream” manages to do this extremely well and grabs the listener by the heart and the very depths of their soul and psyche making for a very visceral listening experience to be enjoyed and savored such as the album “The Live Fire” as a whole.



The seventh track on the album “Criminal” is a return to form as the listener is dropped back into the hard hitting sound, beat driven drum track and dark lyrical content of the first few tracks on the album along with samples bringing the listener back into a darker headspace with sinister lyrics accompanied perfectly with the think textured dark synth sounds, sound samples and military drum samples. The track “Criminal” brings the listener back to a new school inspired hiphop sound that they have become accustom to over the years but the track “Criminal” not only has a new school sound it also has audible inspiration from various aspects of the hip-hop genre proving the listener with a different and unique new school hip-hop experience with new styles and experimentation making even veterans of the hip-hop genre stop and take note of what the artist is doing. Tracks such as “Criminal” are why hip-hop artist “The Live Fire” is making waves within the hip-hop community amongst veterans of the genre and newcomer to the genre providing different listeners with a truly unique take on the hip-hop genre with each track on the self-titled album “The Live Fire”.



“You Stupid” is the eighth track on the album and shows a return to that old-school hip-hop sound combining old-school hip-hop sounding drum beats with a unique twist, samples and effects which really separate a track like “You Stupid” away from the rest of the tracks on the album making for a truly unique listening experience with a very underground feel. The lyrics of the track “You Stupid” show a turn away from the more introverted lyrical content of the album and into more light hearted lyrical themes which come as a much needed break on the album and is accompanied with entertaining samples, chords and melodies that alongside the lyrical content and themes of the track “You Stupid” make for a very entertaining hip-hop listening experience that is made to be enjoyed. “You Stupid” helps show a lighter side of the album “The Live Fire” and pairs with some of the darker tracks to make for a very fluid listening experience on the full album overall.



“Pay Tha Price” is the ninth song on the album “The Live Fire” and opens up with a very live and underground sounding drum sample that brings the listener to the edge of their seat in anticipation for what the track has to offer listeners. Again the artists lyrics and vocal line cut through the backing track clear and concise. “Pay Tha Price” shows a very unique style compared to the rest of the tracks on the album with noticeable influences of rock and nu-metal fused with hip-hop making for a very visceral, heavy and real sounding track that really stands out as a standalone track on the album “The Live Fire”. The track “Pay Tha Price” again shows that the artist has the ability to bring more things to the hip-hop community with experimentation fusing multiple genres and styles to create something that is truly unique and a sound that is exclusive to the artist making artist “The Live Fire” stand out amongst the increasingly over saturated online hip-hop market with standout tracks such as “Pay Tha Price” helping the artist to stand out from the crowd and the online hip-hop market where the artist is recently making a breakthrough.



“Real Hit” is the last song on the album and opens with an introspective vocal sample letting the listener know that they are approaching the end of the album and that they are in for just one last ride before the album is over. The track continues with the thick, theatrical instrumental and samples that listeners have come accustom to through the album with thick string textures and reverberated drum beats staring a deeper feeling within the listeners for the closing track and goodbye from the artist. The deep instrumental track companies the deep lyrical content of the song and really makes the listener listen and concentrate on the lyrical content and what the artist has to say for the final track. “Real Hit” serves as a perfect closer for the album “The Live Fire” with it’s laid back and deep, thought provoking instrumental and lyrics that listeners of the artist have come to respect over the coarse of the album. The track “Real Hit” ends and closes and bookmarks the album together leaving listeners wanting more from what the artist has to offer and contribute to the ever changing hip-hop industry.